Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury



The President is a Board level leadership position responsible for providing: 1) primary organizational leadership in all matters relevant to the successful operation of Tewksbury Youth Soccer League; 2) interaction with external entities (ex, Town, USSF, MYSA, MYSL and other town’s programs) and 3) development and support of organization strategies that deliver upon the organizations committed goals and mission.


Roles and Responsibilities:



1.   Convenes and chairs all meetings of the Board of Directors, any Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting.

2.   Sets the agendas for all meetings of the Board and distributes said agendas prior to meeting date

3.   Co-develops strategies with the functional workstream leaders (BOD members) that deliver against stated goals and mission

4.   Serves as an ex officio member of all committees.

5.   Represents and acts for the Organization on all external matters.

6.   Convenes meetings of the Executive Committee, which makes decisions on the Board’s behalf for all urgent matters

7.   In non-urgent instances where disciplinary measures appear appropriate or are recommended, the President will convene a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee






The Vice President shall be vested with all the powers and will perform all the duties of the President during his/her absence or disability. The Vice President shall perform duties as may be prescribed by the President/Board of Directors including but not limited to the support of 1) primary organizational leadership in all matters relevant to the successful operation of Tewksbury Youth Soccer League; 2) interaction with external entities (ex, Town, USSF, MYSA, MYSL and other town’s programs) and 3) development and support of organization strategies that deliver upon the organizations committed goals and mission.


  • Represents TYSL wherever appropriate, such as the TYSL Annual Meeting, MYSL Monthly Meetings, etc.
  • Act in the absence of the President for any TYSL related activities
  • Liaison with in town and other town organizations 
  • Assists the President wherever possible
  • Support any other subcommittees as requested.
  • Perform tasks as requested by the President.

Attend monthly MYSL President or Travel Director Board meetings if necessary




1.Secure meeting locations for the year after the AGM. Fill out paperwork through Tewksbury Public Schools to reserve space.

2.Collect weekly reports from travel coaches and submit them, as well as any important notifications sent by board members (registration/tryouts etc) to the media publications. Currently we send reports to the Town Crier paper, Your News Tewksbury blog and Wicked Local blog.

3.Maintain and supervise the TYSL facebook page. Post information and pictures to increase interest and social interaction, answer questions and messages.

4.         Run the scholarship application announcements and collection. Contact Tewksbury Memorial High School, Shawsheen Technical High School, Austin Prep, Lowell Catholic and Central Catholic schools during the first week of January about the opportunity, share the link to the page and fill out a donor form (if applicable). Collect and manage scholarship applications. Applications must be emailed in on or before the first Friday in the month of March to be considered.

5.Record minutes at the monthly board meetings.


6.Send out the minutes for review a week before the board meeting.

7.Upload accepted minutes to the Tewksbury Youth Soccer webpage under documents.





1.  Financial Software: QuickBooks Online

2.  Post revenue (received via credit card transactions)

3.  Post expenses and pay vendors (electronically via on-line banking)

4.  Reconcile bank statements

5.  Prepare Monthly Budget Report

6.  Prepare Quarterly Budget vs. Actual Report

7.  Prepare annual Administration Budget and assist Directors with their annual budget preparation

8.  Liaison with external CPA firm to prepare annual tax returns




1.  Overall upkeep of soccer facilities

2.  Upkeep of equipment

3.  Lining of fields

4.  trash removal

5.  Key distribution

6.  Capital improvements

7.  Irrigation upkeep/ sub-contracted supervision

8.  Well water upkeep of pumps

9.  Goal nets replacement

10.  field skimming/ patch replacement

11.    seeding/ grass fertilizer

12.  Coordinate with town/ grass cutting

13.  parking lot / road repairs 14.coordinator restrooms/ portals



1.     CORI submitter. At the start of every season be sure that all volunteers are registered and have completed CORI checks. Meet with volunteers who need to complete the CORI process.

2.     Set up registration for all TYSL programs, winter, spring, fall and if needed summer.

3.     Submit registration numbers to Mass Youth Soccer within designated time frame.

4.     Complete yearly certificate of insurance with Mass Youth Soccer.

5.     Complete yearly Leadership report for Mass Youth Soccer.


6.     Help to manage check in for yearly tryouts in the spring.

7.     Present any hardship cases to the BOD's.




1.     Responsible for the purchasing and tracking of all equipment for TYSL recreational and travel coaches.

2.     Responsible for distributing and collecting equipment bags from TYSL recreational and travel coaches at the start and end of both Fall and Spring soccer seasons.

3.     Responsible for the purchasing of recreational league uniforms and maintain the uniform inventory during the year.

4.     Responsible for the coordination and assignment of travel player uniform #’s to prevent # duplication within the age groups. Maintain the spreadsheets with player uniform # information so they remain current and up to date.

5.     Act as liaison between membership and WeGotSoccer, TYSL uniform provider to provide the necessary information for on-line ordering and field any membership questions associated with ordering.

6.     Responsible for researching and acquiring quotes for all major capital expenditures for presentation to BOD.

7.     Work with Facilities Director on occasional facilities purchases throughout the year.

8.     Maintain relationship with TYSL vendors to ensure best pricing possible.




1.     Coordinate coach education during the year.

2.     Coordinate clinics during the fall and spring soccer seasons.

3.     Work closely with intown and travel directors to establish coach curriculum.

4.     Coordinate and establish a Winter Academy program. Working closely with registration director to open registration for players.

5.     Work close with third party organizations to provide training to coaches, teams, and players in our TYSL program.

6.     Summer Soccer program.






1.     Maintained Assignor’s Certification.

2.     For the Fall Season, assign referees for U8, U10, U12, and U14 games. Assign ARs for U12 and U14games.

3.     For the Spring Season, assign referees for U8, and U10. Assigned ARs for U12 and U14.

4.     Recruit new certified referees.

5.     Recruit and assigned Referees for Mass Cup.


6.     Head scholarship committee in which we gave out $3000 worth of scholarships.

7.     Maintain the referee/officials list on the TYSL website.

8.     Act as the liaison between TYSL, and Middlesex Youth Soccer with regards to any referee issues.

Not Required:


1.     Maintain Grade 8 Referee Certification.

2.     Run referee clinic in the summer for uncertified referees.

3.     Make myself available on most Friday nights to oversee youth referees at the U8 games.





Collaborate with our partner, Challenger Sports, to ensure the successful operation of the U4/U5 “TinyTykes” program. This includes:


1.   Pre-Season Planning (Co-Managed with Challenger Sports)

    Coordination for upcoming season

    Planning for registration go-live

    Address any issue as they arise

2.  In-Season Co-Management

    Ensuring coaches from Challenger Sports are delivering on our expectations

    Ensuring all participants’ expectations are being met

    Work alongside Challenger Sports to address any issue as they arise

3.  Post-Season planning

    Develop season recap to highlight successes and identify any issues that need to be addressed prior to the start of the following season

4.  Monitor and address general U4/U5 specific emails/questions

5.  Participate in general TYSL Board of Directors activities, including attending monthly BOD meetings






1.    Assign rosters

2.    Recruit and assign volunteer coaches

3.    Schedule practice sessions and games

4.    Work collaboratively with Director of Player Development and supplemental coaching staff (MYSA.)

5.    Oversee delivery of curriculum (this position is not responsible for creating curriculum.)


6.    Respond to member emails

7.    Act as a liaison between members and TYSL BOD

8.    Attend monthly BOD meetings as a voting member

9.    Promote age related events, such as age division clinics

10.    Promote participation in local tournaments

11.    Have fun!!!

12.    Comprehensive training and ongoing support available as needed






1.   Coordinate the needs/activities of the Travel Soccer program

2.   Provide strategic direction for the Travel Division program

3.   Distribute notices of significant Travel Division events, including tryouts

4.   Manage the Tryout policies and procedures

5.   Determine Travel Coaching Assignments including recruiting coaches to fill open coaching positions

6.   Supervise team selections and approve rosters

7.   Manage Middlesex Youth Soccer website for Tewksbury, including uploading rosters to the site, managing game cancellations, printing IDs, etc

8.   Manage the travel teams on the Tewksbury Youth Soccer website

9.   Develop practice schedule for travel teams

10.              Address parent concerns and comments

11.            Attend TYSL monthly Board meetings.




CONCESSIONS (2 positions) - concessions 2 does not need to attend board meetings

1.  Create Sign-Up Genius Sign-Up. Organize volunteers on a weekly basis.

2.  Determine food/products needed and shop- BJ's, New England Pretzel and Market Basket.

3.    Organize pizza delivery with local pizza company and donuts with Donna's Donuts.

4.  Keep Snack Shack clean and orderly. Weekly bring supplies home and wash them.

5.  Contact Tewksbury Board of Health at beginning of Spring Soccer Season.

6.  Organize apparel sales.




The Director of Goalkeeping is a Board level leadership position responsible for implementing and delivering the overall TYSL Goalkeeping Strategy.  Further, the Director of Goalkeeping


shall focus on all matters of training and development in support of TYSL directors, coaches and players, specific to the goalkeeping function.


Roles and Responsibilities:



1.   Serve as TYSL’s primary subject-matter-expert on the training, development and coaching of goalkeepers.

2.   Develop the TYSL Goalkeeping Strategy/Vision

3.   Develop long term strategies to ensure the consistent and successful development of TYSL goalkeepers

4.   Institute programs, information sessions and written correspondence for the TYSL coaches, directors and players conducive to the creation of a goalkeeping culture.

5.   Develop and implement a Goalkeeping Coaching Curriculum in line with the TYSL philosophy covering technical and tactical aspects, ensuring these are delivered and reinforced through effective coaching and mentoring.

6.   Provide consultative guidance to TYSL coaches specific to training their team’s goalkeepers

7.   Serve as the Head Instructor and Lead Administrator for the TYSL Goalkeeper Academy

8.   To foster a positive environment for learning and development within the TYSL goalkeeping community.

9.   Recruit, train, develop and mentor additional organizational-level goalkeeping coaches.

10.            As  appropriate,  monitor  and  report  on  the  performance  and  progress  of  TYSL goalkeepers and coaches; evaluating against established criteria and goals.

11.              Conduct surveys and data gathering on program effectiveness and with a mind toward continuous improvement.




1.     Responsible for securing the location of the fall trivia night fundraiser in the Spring. The location has historically been at the Tewksbury Country Club.

2.     Secure a Master of Ceremonies for the trivia night.

3.     Write/find the trivia questions.

4.     Solicit vendors for donations.

5.     Request/obtain donation baskets from teams. Request themed baskets from each team to be raffled off.

6.     Assist in the success of each fundraising effort.

7.     Schedule and run team picture fundraiser.




Maintain all aspects of the TYSL website management and Social Media creation/distribution. This includes messaging to membership and functions of the TYSL website and email system. Include web experience creation, information posting, functionality development, domain maintenance and password and security administration.  Troubleshooting functionality and issue as and providing solution in cooperation with the web host



  • Create/Maintain TYSL website and Design updates
  • Login/password access 
  • Update club contacts and links
  • Update general TYSL information
  • Responsible for all messaging and posting through Social Media platforms (i.e. Facebook) and TYSL website 



Provide end-to-end management and administration of the MASS CUP soccer tournament. 

Tasks include but are not limited to:

1.     Coordination with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and filing of sanctioning applications and post-tournament reports.

2.     Tournament Budgeting

3.     Publicity, Advertising and Communications

4.     Registration

5.     Answering inquiries; handling information requests from coaches

6.     Procurement and Coordination of day-of-event services

a.      Tents

b.     Portable Toilets

c.      Grills/Propane

d.     Generators

e.      Vehicles

f.      PA Equipment

7.     Design, development and production of promotional apparel

8.     Design, development and production of awards

9.     Coordination of officials in conjunction with Referee Director

10.  Field layouts and assets use plan in conjunction with Facilities Director

11.  Identifying labor/staffing requirements

12.   Develop and publish official rules, logistics and tournament information guides.

13.  Manage MASS CUP Tournament Website

14.  Coordinate and chair pre-event meetings with all critical work-stream leads

a.      Facilities

b.     Referee

c.      Concessions

15.  Provide day-of-event on-site leadership