Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury



TYSL plays soccer in divisions in the following age groups:

  • Clinic Division
    • U6 - 4v4 - No Referee
    • U8 - 4v4


  • Middlesex Youth Soccer League (Travel)
    • GU10 - 7v7
    • BU10 - 7v7
    • GU12 - 9v9
    • BU12 - 9v9
    • GU14 - 11v11
    • BU14 - 11v11
    • GU16 - 11v11
    • BU16 - 11v11
The overriding concern of TYSL referees is the safety and well being of all participants in the program.

TYSL referees are trained in the Laws of the Game and coached on how to apply them officiating games. As referees gain experience and skill they are assigned higher level games and encouraged to obtain USSF certification. Referee Performance Feedback from Coaches to the referee director is an important part of this coaching and is strongly encouraged.

TYSL assigns Referees for Clinic U8 and Intramural Leagues for both fall and spring seasons.

Travel Referees are assigned by TYSL for U10 in both the fall and spring seasons. U12 and U14 games are assigned by TYSL in the fall and by the Middlesex League in the spring.

Travel Referees are required to have current US Soccer Federation certification, Grade 9 for U10 and Grade 8 for all other games.

If you want to help out by becoming a TYSL Referee, contact the TYSL Referee Director or complete an online Volunteer Registration.