Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury


Things to Bring to Games

  1. Wear a shirt that contrasts with the Team colors. U8 & U10 have Red and White Shirts, U12 & U15/16 have other colors. Travel teams wear red. Yellow is usually a good color to wear.
  2. Wear appropriate sneakers or cleats for the field conditions.
  3. Bring whistle, stopwatch, pencil, coin (for flipping), water, and something to carry it all in. A copy of the rules may also be helpful.
  4. Arrive at least 15 minutes before game time to check nets, corner flags, players, perform coin flip etc. Remember, the team that wins the coin flip chooses direction to attack, other team gets first ball possession.
  5. Visit coaches from both teams, introduce yourself.
  6. Establish control of the game early! Stop rough play with LOUD use of the whistle, and awarding kicks as appropriate. Excessively rough play can be further discouraged with cautions (Ask coach about substitution, player may return) or sending off (player may not return).
    • All cautions and ejections must be reported to the TYSL Referee Director.
  7. In the event of lightning, TYSL will follow the same procedures as the MYSL Travel league. A copy of this policy can be found by clicking Here.
  8. Do not tolerate any negative comments from Players, Coaches or Spectators. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of everyone associated with their team and may be ejected for fan misconduct. If necessary, stop the game until the offending person leaves.
  9. Referees are paid per the following fee schedule:






    10U AR




    12U AR




    14U AR


    No Certification 15.00 NA NA NA NA NA NA  
    Grade 8 15.00 25.00 15.00 30.00 17.50 40.00 20.00  
  1. Please submit a TYSL On Line Referee Report for each non-Travel Game that you referee.