Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury


The Referee

Each match is controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed.
The Authority of the Referee
Powers and Duties
The Referee:
  • enforces the Laws of the Game
  • controls the match in co-operation with the assistant referees and the referee mentor.
  • ensures that any ball used is the appropriate size for the age group.
  • ensures that the players' equipment meets the requirements
  • acts as timekeeper and keeps a record of the match
  • stops, suspends or terminates the match, at his discretion, for any infringements of the Laws
  • stops, suspends or terminates the match because of outside interference of any kind
  • stops the match if, in his opinion, a player is seriously injured and ensures that he is removed from the field of play
  • allows play to continue until the ball is out of play if a player is, in his opinion, only slightly injured
  • ensures that any player bleeding from a wound leaves the field of play. The player may only return on receiving a signal from the referee, who must be satisfied that the bleeding has stopped
  • acts on the advice of referee mentors regarding incidents which he has not seen
  • ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the field of play
  • restarts the match after it has been stopped
  • provides the referee or clinic (intramural) director with a match report which includes information on any disciplinary action taken against players, and/or team officials and any other incidents which occurred before, during or after the match .
Decisions of the Referee
The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final.
The referee may only change a decision on realizing that it is incorrect or, at his discretion, on the advice of an referee mentor, provided that he has not restarted play.