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Capital Improvements Frasca Fields Soccer Complex

Provides information and status for all capital improvements being made to the Frasca Fields Soccer Complex.

Recent Projects
Project Initiated Current  Status
Kick Board Lower Field May 2006 Completed
Entrance Sign Jan 2007 Completed
Upper & Lower Parking & Exit Fields Safety Lighting  Oct 2007 14 lights installed in upper & lower parking lots and exits to both fields
Bathrooms/Building July 2006 Prices Obtained / Current Building Fund Balance $19,044
On hold until funds available
Expanded Parking 70+ Spaces 06,07,08 Completed
Goals U8/U10 Lower Fields Jan 2008 Completed
Walking Paths from Upper Fields to Parking Lot and Upper Fields to Lower Fields June 2008 Completed
Goals U12 & U16 Upper Fields July 2008  Completed
Kick Board Upper Field Aug 2008 Completed
Gate for Upper Field Pedestrian Bridge Aug 2008 Completed
Comprehensive Shelving System Shed Aug 2008 Completed
Gate Lower Field U4/U5 Field Area April 09 Completed
Lower Field Parking Lot Bucket & Rope Parking System April 09 Completed
8 New Soccer Balls Painted Shed & Kick Boards April 09 Completed
Upper Field Lawnmower Gate Entrance Replaced April 09 Completed
Painted new TYSL Logo Shed May 09 Completed
Sand Pit Parking Expansion April 09  In Progress/Goal August 09 Completion