Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury

In April of 2009, the TYSL board began working with multiple town departments to get approval for a Restoration Project of the sand pit area between the lower and upper fields.  The main purpose of this project is to expand parking by some 80+ cars and make this area the new epicenter of the facility.

In late June of 2009, TYSL was granted a permit by the Tewksbury Conservation Commission to begin the Restoration Project which will require flattening the sand pit area and grassing over to allow for parking.  Also the tree department granted permission to cut down some small trees on the site.  

Currently we are working with Bradley Landscaping in providing the needed equipment and manpower to complete the project. Work began in the summer of 2009 with a goal of completion by the end of the spring 2010 soccer season.