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Tewksbury Youth Soccer League

Hardship Policy



Tewksbury Youth Soccer League (“TYSL”) will accept application for a hardship waiver based on the following criteria:


  1. A letter written to the TYSL Registrar no less than 30 days prior to the in-town reason or a case by case basis for travel players.  The letter must state the reason for the hardship, the child(ren)’s name, date of birth and parent contact information.
  2. Documentation of hardship

  3. Decisions for a hardship waiver are voted on by the TYSL Board of Directors (“BOD”) and a notification will be sent to the family.


Names and personal details will be kept private and will not be published in the BOD meeting minutes.  BOD members will be given only the details they need to vote on the hardship case.


Hardship waivers may come in the form of:

1.         Player pays for fees only;


2.         A payment plan; or

3.         Any other way the TYSL BOD sees helpful to the family.


Please direct all questions to





Revised 2/14


Approved BOD Meeting 3/12/14