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Tewksbury Youth Soccer League

In-Town Game Rescheduling Policy


There are three possible alternatives to reschedule a game if you cannot have it on the scheduled day originally set.


  1. Fridays are typically left open for make-up games;


  1. Late Saturday afternoon; or


  1. During the team’s practice night or any other night, as long as there is field space.


Note:  The above are all subject to field availability


For the coach who needs to reschedule their game, he or she must first contact the opposing team’s coach and work out a new date and time that works for both.  Once the coaches agree on the new date and time, the coach must notify and get approval by the Age Director for field availability.


For U8 coaches, once the Age Director has approved the rescheduled game, you must notify the Referee Director for what game you are rescheduling and give the new date and time to reschedule a referee for your game.

Coaches please note that rescheduling of games should be done at least two weeks prior to the original date of your game.



Revised 2/14


Approved BOD Meeting 3/12/14