Tewksbury Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe, enjoyable soccer experience for the youth of Tewksbury


Tewksbury Youth Soccer League

Scholarship Policy


The objective would be to distribute scholarships (not to exceed the total distribution of $3,000) each year to be determined by the Scholarship Committee and voted on by the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League’s Board of Directors.  Scholarships will be awarded to any local high school senior seeking to enter college in the upcoming year.

Notification of the scholarship application process shall be made public at least one (1) month prior to the application deadline. Notifications shall be made on the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League’s Website and/or other media as deemed appropriate.


A.        Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a high school senior planning to further his/her education after graduation.
  2. Applicant must be a Tewksbury resident.
  3. Applicant must have been involved with the Tewksbury Youth Soccer League (“TYSL”) for at least five (5) years, though not necessarily in consecutive order, as a player, head coach, assistant coach, referee or field worker.
  4. Applicant must be in good standing at school at time of award presentation, both academically and with respect to conduct.


B.        Please submit the following:

  1. A Letter of Recommendation from a current faculty member, coach, advisor or equivalent.


  1. A letter, typewritten in your own words, stating why you feel you are deserving of a TYSL Scholarship. This letter, which should be approximately 250 words in length, should include a reference to your participation in TYSL activities, as outlined in Section A-3 above.


C.        Amounts to be distributed:

  • Minimum Amount:   $250                    
  • Maximum Amount:  $3,000


D.        Award Criteria and Evaluation:

  1. Number of years and type of service to TYSL         (40pts)
  2. Applicant’s letter                                                    (20pts)
  3. Recommendation Letter                                         (20pts)
  4. Recommendation from Board of Directors              (20pts)


Each Scholarship Committee member ranks the applicants according to the above evaluation criteria. The TYSL Board of Directors then votes on the number of scholarships and recipients.


Relatives of scholarship recipients are to abstain from making recommendations during the process.


Revised 2/14


Approved BOD Meeting 3/12/14