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Tewksbury Youth Soccer League

Player Uniform Kit Policy


                                  SECTION 1: Player Uniform Kit Sourcing and Procurement


The process to source a new Player Uniform Kit shall commence no later than 6 months prior to the last cycle of use for the present kit.  (example: If last use is Spring 2018, then new kit sourcing would commence August 2017).



The Director of Purchasing shall chair a subcommittee of BOD Members tasked with creating a short list of kits for presentation to the entire BOD for final selection and approval.  The subcommittee shall submit a written report to the BOD detailing the criteria and process used to select the finalist kits.



All BOD members shall be afforded the opportunity to provide feedback on the options provided, selection process and the finalist presentation.



No vote for final kit selection shall be motioned without the BOD: 1) having a thorough understanding of the components, cost, availability, quality and expected life-cycle of the proposed kits and 2) opportunity to view a physical sample of all the kits’ components.



With the introduction of every new kit, the BOD shall vote on 1) the manufacturer and style # and 2) color orientation of each kit component, including (match jersey, alternate jersey, shorts, socks and numbers).



The Player Uniform Kit distributor of choice shall use commercial best efforts to provide samples for try-on at TYSL facilities.



The Player Uniform Kit distributor of choice shall use commercial best efforts to provide sizing charts.



The TYSL BOD shall insist on a “first article” sample in the selected style and colors and complete with all embellishments before it can be expected that TYSL shall commit to the uniform for the full life-cycle.




                                 SECTION 2: Player Uniform Kit Outfitting


Travel Team Player Uniform Kit style:  UnderArmour Threadborne (Fall 2018-Spring 2021)

Travel Team Alternate Jersey style:

In-Town Player Uniform Kit style:



Color scheme  (Travel Team Player Uniform Kit)

Match Jersey:  Red with TYSL Logo on front left and a club-assigned  White Numeral on the back

Match Shorts:        Royal Blue

Match Socks:         Royal Blue

Alternate Jersey:


Color scheme  (In-Town Team Player Uniform Kit)

Match Jersey:        Reversible Red and White with TYSL Logo, NO NUMERAL

Match Shorts:        Red

Match Socks:         Red



All Travel Program players shall be issued a uniform number by TYSL.  This is the only number that a player may wear for any league competitions.



All players are expected to be outfitted in their club-issued Player Uniform Kit for each league match.



All players MUST have a current Player Uniform Kit



Permitted use of alternate jerseys are as follows: 1) for league matches, when playing an opponent with the same or similar jersey colors and TYSL is the home team 2) when playing multiple matches on a single day 3) tournaments 4) scrimmages (either in-house opponents or other organizations)



No changes to color, style, embellishments or cosmetic alterations to Player Kits are permitted without the express prior written authorization of the TYSL BOD.





Policy ratified (provisional) by TYSL BOD on 2/13/2018